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CCCS Hackathon
This project proposes using Hackathon events that flip the campus and online classroom using challenges, competition and game elements to more deeply engage CSC students in the content. Leaderboards, achievements, awards and ranks will be utilized as motivators through the semester for retention leading up to the events. These events allowCCCS students, faculty and staff to collaborate on projects during a live synchronous event and provide authentic assessment of each student’s mastery of course competencies. The Hackathon will also serve to showcase CCCS students and CSC programs as all member colleges will be invited to participate and form teams.

Blanca Peaks by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Come on In..... by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

CCCS Hackathon 1 by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Energy Drinks by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr